1. Min-Liang Tan’s Razer
2. Live stream gaming “Twitch”
3.Vanoss Gaming’s funny videos
4. Markiplier’s page (awesome guy)
5. “Kotaku” everything you want to know about gaming stuffs


Apps Apps For Me

Cool Apps! March 2015


1.PVZ 2 updated
2.Security 360 Anti-Virus (a must have)
3.Pewdiepie App (For entertainment)
4.Jenga (All time fave and it’s free!).

“Special Days” ( Autism Blog)

  My eldest son Gavin has a high-functioning Autism. He was diagnosed way back 2010 when he was 7 years old. But it was never too late. Now he is almost 12 but the carousel ride we are in right now is what makes him special.


Some days are fine and some are totally crazy days for me. I’m anxious every minute of the day how he was doing at school. He is in regular class right now. He knows how to read etc. He is in his 3rd grade and he took an ALTERNATIVE LEARNING SYSTEM PROGRAM to jump in to 7th Grade. Well I wrote this very short blog to tell other special children parent out there to be very supportive and hopeful. Gavin is independent and sociable now. Psychotherapies and IEPs helped him a lot but now he stopped seeing his therapists cause I have to save money now, I mean, I have to earn money so he can go back and improve some more. I love being an Autism parent and they say that their behaviour is the most challenging part, yes indeed!, but embracing parenthood is the most loving thing a parent can do. Special or not,leave all your worries just keep loving them and support them with what they want in life. Educate yourselves about the spectrum and in case you have some hard times all I can say is ” It’s all in the brain”

“Apps Apps for Me”

I’m using Google Play Store so here’s what I think the Apps that suits me and my personality.

FYI, I’m not using a Facebook App, I’m using my browser. It can save space.
So I’m using all of these. Not an advertisement. (Okay?)
And be free to suggest too. These are my top 10.

1. Instagram
2. Twitch (watching other people play is so awesome)
3. Snaptee (Personlized T-shirt maker)
4. CANDY CRUSH (I cannot live without it)
5. You Tube (of course)
6. WordPress (This is my freedom to spill my feelings)
7. Crossy Road (very clever game)
8. Anime Radio
9. Twitter (yeah right!)
10. Sim City ( I’m a fan)

“How I Missed Those Petty Things”


   How much do you missed the minor reasons you fought with your partner?
How I missed the days when all we did was to fight over when one of us has skipped our meal or failed to say “I love you” That someone nags you about petty things? That he wants to walk you home and talk about anything under the sun. People do change and things happen for a reason,they say.
    For some reasons I reminisce whenever I’m lost and listen to a special song that reminds of him that time. When that was the time I don’t have to think about betrayal,financial obligations,responsibilities and liabilities. You fought for small things like who wants a burger or pizza or which movie to watch. How do we go back to these times in our freakin mature lives now. I’m struggling and battling so hard. You can completely hate one person or two in your lifetime but on how to go back being an immature teenager? But we must admit, it was the most foolish and funny part of your life. You don’t know hipocracy nor you don’t listen to other’s immature right? Yet it was freedom for you and petty things “is love”



After almost 9 years from my last pregnancy to my 2nd child, I went to the nearby clinic to have my routine thyroid function tests. And something just came up. The smell of pizza and pasta dishes doesn’t smell good at all. I’m sorrounded with Chinese delicacies because it is almost Chinese New Year. January of 2014, I forgot what morning sickness was, not until I ate a burger and fries for lunch and I just threw them all up.Oh my! I’m prego. And I have hormonal balance issues so it is impossible. But I have to think positive I’m havin another baby and my OB just told me I might be pregnant and my T3,T4 and TSH might be at their highest rate. I’m positive but husband was in denial and so as my other 2 boys. What’s wrong with them? It’s been 9 years and I’m only 31 years old. I didn’t know for a fact that my husband got anxiety issues after the big news came.

So I had terrible days of course. I experienced pre-term labor pains at 4 months and 5 months. And baby is still not ready yet to live and to breathe on her own so I was on steroids and pills.

At 39 weeks my waterbag broke. 18 hours of labor and I couldn’t explain now how difficult my labor was and the delivery was. I saw the girl I’ve never imagined that is going to be a part of my life. The daughter that I have been with and was inside me for 9 months. The girl who suffered with me and with my Chronic Depression and anxiety attacks. She was healthy and happy.