Pluviophile VS Social Media

I always ask my self how can I find happiness. Is it within me? My family? But something’s missing. It is a habit of mine to check my Instagram first before Facebook. People on IG look so happy than in Facebook because you only focus to a one picture that has been snapped hundred times,the only one that has been chosen mindfully with a very short positive caption. People are more calm,happy,oriented on IG but they are also the same people who have Facebooks. I don’t know. Maybe I’m sad. Travel pics,jobs,shopping,dining out,family time,positive quotations,goals,relationships,hobbies,pets,new furnitures or gadgets. They are all material and not material things that can make a human being happy and delighted. Am I one of them? I just want to look at the window, obsess when is the rain coming, gloomy weather makes me feel sleepy and lazy but somehow relaxed and sometimes my vision is black and white,like an IG filter. What’s going on with me?  I’m not optimistic about the future at all. Gotta change my name on my Twitter,FB,IG and WordPress. 


5 Things that are Free in the Internet

1. Bitcoins – The most popular cryptocurrency. Mine for free thru rev ad shares. First you have to get a bitcoin wallet to store your hard earned free bitcoins. Bitcoins means free money too! ( BTC wallet) ( free Bitcoins)

2. Toiletries – Samples samples samples..

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3. Ride sharing app (Uber)

4. DIY’s and Instructional or motivational videos on You Tube

5. Netflix, iflix etc. Enjoy their 1 month free trial subscription it’s up to you of you want to extend and enjoy their services. Free movies , TV series and cartoons for your little ones! 

“TIPS for Households that are Still Living from Paycheck to Paycheck”

  1. Instead of the envelope system I use the stick-ons or small note pad color coded and individually labeled. I use a small clip for the cash,paper clips will do.
  2. If your still living paycheck to paycheck like us; I suggest you to start with food budget first,next the toiletries,cleaning solutions or laundry needs like bleach,detergent powders or baking soda. Cut off your fabric conditioner if it is more expensive than your laundry detergent.
  3. Separate a small amount for savings or emergency fund.
  4. Budget for miscellaneous as well
  5. Always pay your bills on time, if you are going to pay bills there are apps now you can use so won’t be leaving your house and fall in line to payment centers. I pre-load my online wallet and payment app thru a 7-11 Cliqq machine. 
  6. If you have debts or loans make sure to pay even the minimum amount required. 
  7. Be frugal and wise. Some employees have delays and unfair tax deductions like with my husband’s case. Expect the worse,they say. 
  8. It’s time to set a new lifestyle. Don’t spend beyond your means. Financial problems are always there to stay if you can’t control your spending habits. 
  9. Practice a no-spend day. Forget you have cash on your wallet even for a day or two.
  10. Prep your meals ahead,no eating out or take-outs. Eat healthy it’s more cheap and good for your health like potatoes and bananas. Small steps every day, you will be able make it through the next payday. Lol! 🙂 

“Aldo and Ashton”

My precious boys, same DNA different characters, I had Aldo at 34 and Ash at 23. These boys made me a better person, made me do the impossible, I’am ready to face tomorrow because of them. I’am changing to a minimalist lifestyle soon. The journey,the mindset,efforts and struggles will be posted in this blog. I survived tough years with poverty,illness and depression. But every time I see these adorable creatures; life is indeed beautiful and magical.  

You are Mommy’s Jewel


I don’t need expensive necklace around my neck. Or a stunning pair of shoes. All I want is to raise the only jewel I have and that is my daughter.

These are the things that me and my baby like to do to have a mommy and little lady time;

1. We smile and laugh a lot. Babies liked to play with their reflection, practice mirroring.
2. I sing to her most of the time. It’s either Hi5 songs or a Winnie the Pooh theme songs. She really liked those shows.
3. We dress up sometimes and brushing her hair.
4. Although she still can’t read nor understand, I read her books. She is attentively listening though.
5. We sometimes listen to contemporary/ pop music to classical. And she loves music so much. I even caught her dancing while watching music videos.





After almost 9 years from my last pregnancy to my 2nd child, I went to the nearby clinic to have my routine thyroid function tests. And something just came up. The smell of pizza and pasta dishes doesn’t smell good at all. I’m sorrounded with Chinese delicacies because it is almost Chinese New Year. January of 2014, I forgot what morning sickness was, not until I ate a burger and fries for lunch and I just threw them all up.Oh my! I’m prego. And I have hormonal balance issues so it is impossible. But I have to think positive I’m havin another baby and my OB just told me I might be pregnant and my T3,T4 and TSH might be at their highest rate. I’m positive but husband was in denial and so as my other 2 boys. What’s wrong with them? It’s been 9 years and I’m only 31 years old. I didn’t know for a fact that my husband got anxiety issues after the big news came.

So I had terrible days of course. I experienced pre-term labor pains at 4 months and 5 months. And baby is still not ready yet to live and to breathe on her own so I was on steroids and pills.

At 39 weeks my waterbag broke. 18 hours of labor and I couldn’t explain now how difficult my labor was and the delivery was. I saw the girl I’ve never imagined that is going to be a part of my life. The daughter that I have been with and was inside me for 9 months. The girl who suffered with me and with my Chronic Depression and anxiety attacks. She was healthy and happy.