“Dear Guys” (Reposting)

I just saw this post from a guy in Facebook.
To all the guys who think that love is a synonym of sex.
Remember that loving a woman doesn’t mean taking her to
your bed for your physical pleasures or to fulfill your sexual
fantasies. Loving a woman means respecting her ethics and
values. Loving a woman means honoring her desires and
being her best friend. Loving a woman means supporting
her and cheering her up during her not so happy days and
cherishing her in every possible way. And last but not the
least don’t love a woman just because you lust for her body.
Try to see her inner beauty because actually loving a
woman means touching her heart and soul to the core and
treating her heart as if it was your own ..



You are Mommy’s Jewel


I don’t need expensive necklace around my neck. Or a stunning pair of shoes. All I want is to raise the only jewel I have and that is my daughter.

These are the things that me and my baby like to do to have a mommy and little lady time;

1. We smile and laugh a lot. Babies liked to play with their reflection, practice mirroring.
2. I sing to her most of the time. It’s either Hi5 songs or a Winnie the Pooh theme songs. She really liked those shows.
3. We dress up sometimes and brushing her hair.
4. Although she still can’t read nor understand, I read her books. She is attentively listening though.
5. We sometimes listen to contemporary/ pop music to classical. And she loves music so much. I even caught her dancing while watching music videos.



“How We Swear Proof Our Kids”

Our kid’s generation is the most challenging. Online activities should be handled carefully, explain the pros and cons. But the 80’s and 90’s is still my fave eras to raise children.



GTA V, Far Cry 4, Youtube videos from VanossGaming, H2ODelirious,Markiplier,Jacksepticeye or The Gaming Lemon..

My family and I love watching their videos and of course we also play these games in front of our kids. But how can I tell you that these people or games will not influence us especially the kids. And these hilarious Youtubers are the best people you will ever watch online.Yes! swearing means bad language,profanity or cursing. Well we have bible verses that forbids us to.

My sons and my husband improvise cursing to funny phrases.
Like, sweaty armpits,crappy patty, explosive diarrhea, stinky socks or sticky mucus.

We admit that gaming is our life. Escaping the reality is the best diversion ever. Telling our kids what they have watched is really happening in real life. We don’t lie about these kind of matter but instead we can see that they are afraid to do those…

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After almost 9 years from my last pregnancy to my 2nd child, I went to the nearby clinic to have my routine thyroid function tests. And something just came up. The smell of pizza and pasta dishes doesn’t smell good at all. I’m sorrounded with Chinese delicacies because it is almost Chinese New Year. January of 2014, I forgot what morning sickness was, not until I ate a burger and fries for lunch and I just threw them all up.Oh my! I’m prego. And I have hormonal balance issues so it is impossible. But I have to think positive I’m havin another baby and my OB just told me I might be pregnant and my T3,T4 and TSH might be at their highest rate. I’m positive but husband was in denial and so as my other 2 boys. What’s wrong with them? It’s been 9 years and I’m only 31 years old. I didn’t know for a fact that my husband got anxiety issues after the big news came.

So I had terrible days of course. I experienced pre-term labor pains at 4 months and 5 months. And baby is still not ready yet to live and to breathe on her own so I was on steroids and pills.

At 39 weeks my waterbag broke. 18 hours of labor and I couldn’t explain now how difficult my labor was and the delivery was. I saw the girl I’ve never imagined that is going to be a part of my life. The daughter that I have been with and was inside me for 9 months. The girl who suffered with me and with my Chronic Depression and anxiety attacks. She was healthy and happy.

“The Unusual Bucket List”


1.  Have a debt-free life before I die.
2.  Go on a trip with my family to Japan.
3.  See my children learn to ride a bike.
4.  I want to meet my children’s best friends.
5.  Finish a one day Adam Sandler movie marathon.
6.  Own a gun with license,of course
7.  Accomplish one Science experiment.
8.  Shop till I drop
9.  Learn how to understand Nihonggo.
10. Witness a romantic wedding ceremony.
11. Watch a pyro show
12. Tell the world how lovely my daughter is, that she needs a wonderful prince someday.
13. Spend a month vacay with hubby and kids just playing  XBOX and watch Youtube.

” 5 Weird Frugality Tips”


For over 10 years of being married with three kids, we learned that sometimes there is nothing wrong with skimping from food to toiletries or even our fare to public transportations. Every single day people struggle and that is not an option or your choice in life, rich or poor we all want is to survive in our everyday lives,wether it’s for our needs or wants we all want to get what we want.
   I’m writing my very first blog on what I learnt from being frugal at times of crisis.

       Here you can read my weird frugal tips on how to survive till your husband’s payday arrives and I also want you to share your own ideas too;

  1.  Shampoo
We can lessen hair fall problems. We can skip a day or two in a week. I heard that in some countries they only wash their hair once a week. Be sure you’re not going to stay under the sun cause it could be very smelly. Lol

  2. Rice

      A half cup of rice maybe twice or thrice a week may not be that bad but I can assure you, you can say that your on a diet already. No fake promises to yourself again.

   3. Sleep/Nap

       You can afford to rest your eyes once in a day even for a 30 minute powernap. Sleep at least 6 hours too at night. You can never be hungry taking that beauty rest and dreaming about your dream girl or guy.

   4. Laundry

        Why not wash your laundry in a scheduled basis. Plan what you’re going to wear for a week at work or at home. Visit your closet too for vintage clothes your referring to and try not to fit in sometimes.

     5. Snacks

         Snacks can either make you fat or make you full, in between meals are a big temptation. For example a friend wants to have a chat with you in a coffee shop for a frappe and a slice of cake, why not order a cheaper cappuccino or a café latte and skip a slice of cake or a pastry. Even it’s a treat from him/her. Practice that etiquette so that when you are alone you can have a guilt-free day that you were being modest too and you really want that quality time you spent with that friend.