“Aldo and Ashton”

My precious boys, same DNA different characters, I had Aldo at 34 and Ash at 23. These boys made me a better person, made me do the impossible, I’am ready to face tomorrow because of them. I’am changing to a minimalist lifestyle soon. The journey,the mindset,efforts and struggles will be posted in this blog. I survived tough years with poverty,illness and depression. But every time I see these adorable creatures; life is indeed beautiful and magical.  


“Special Days” ( Autism Blog)

  My eldest son Gavin has a high-functioning Autism. He was diagnosed way back 2010 when he was 7 years old. But it was never too late. Now he is almost 12 but the carousel ride we are in right now is what makes him special.


Some days are fine and some are totally crazy days for me. I’m anxious every minute of the day how he was doing at school. He is in regular class right now. He knows how to read etc. He is in his 3rd grade and he took an ALTERNATIVE LEARNING SYSTEM PROGRAM to jump in to 7th Grade. Well I wrote this very short blog to tell other special children parent out there to be very supportive and hopeful. Gavin is independent and sociable now. Psychotherapies and IEPs helped him a lot but now he stopped seeing his therapists cause I have to save money now, I mean, I have to earn money so he can go back and improve some more. I love being an Autism parent and they say that their behaviour is the most challenging part, yes indeed!, but embracing parenthood is the most loving thing a parent can do. Special or not,leave all your worries just keep loving them and support them with what they want in life. Educate yourselves about the spectrum and in case you have some hard times all I can say is ” It’s all in the brain”