“Aldo and Ashton”

My precious boys, same DNA different characters, I had Aldo at 34 and Ash at 23. These boys made me a better person, made me do the impossible, I’am ready to face tomorrow because of them. I’am changing to a minimalist lifestyle soon. The journey,the mindset,efforts and struggles will be posted in this blog. I survived tough years with poverty,illness and depression. But every time I see these adorable creatures; life is indeed beautiful and magical.  


“How We Swear Proof Our Kids”


GTA V, Far Cry 4, Youtube videos from VanossGaming, H2ODelirious,Markiplier,Jacksepticeye or The Gaming Lemon..

My family and I love watching their videos and of course we also play these games in front of our kids. But how can I tell you that these people or games will not influence us especially the kids. And these hilarious Youtubers are the best people you will ever watch online.Yes! swearing means bad language,profanity or cursing. Well we have bible verses that forbids us to.

My sons and my husband improvise cursing to funny phrases.
Like, sweaty armpits,crappy patty, explosive diarrhea, stinky socks or sticky mucus.

We admit that gaming is our life. Escaping the reality is the best diversion ever. Telling our kids what they have watched is really happening in real life. We don’t lie about these kind of matter but instead we can see that they are afraid to do those kind of things because in the first place they are well-oriented that these games are very violent and only bad people are doing that in real life. As they can see,you will end up in jail or in a hospital or even get wasted (dead).

I have watched a video that even Science agrees that there is no influence or that there is no effect in a gamers’ brain. But instead it will make you a good decision maker. As a parent we still have to set limits. For me, we only use one Youtube account to multiple devices so I can track videos in the history settings. Gaming and watching Youtube videos is our life.  And we also don’t have the right to judge these incredible people (YOUTUBERS) who never gets tired editing videos to entertain their subscribers and viewers.