“Aldo and Ashton”

My precious boys, same DNA different characters, I had Aldo at 34 and Ash at 23. These boys made me a better person, made me do the impossible, I’am ready to face tomorrow because of them. I’am changing to a minimalist lifestyle soon. The journey,the mindset,efforts and struggles will be posted in this blog. I survived tough years with poverty,illness and depression. But every time I see these adorable creatures; life is indeed beautiful and magical.  


How to Stay Focused and Find Happiness

How to reach the finish line? Aim low or high? Be happy for what you have right now. Always put the positive side of every thing, always remember that things happen for a reason. Break your habit of overthinking or the chance of blood boiling situations. Well if you hate someone there is nothing wrong of cursing or trash talking unless you don’t feel guilty about it. You can speak your mind sometimes. Loving the enemy or a stupid game in life is hipocracy.
Get busy! Be busy! Do tasks that can burn time so you can get your mind off that makes you sad or mad. Always be brave and never give up. Think about tomorrow, change is good unless if it’s something to satisfy you or can fulfill your needs. Think about family, think of good friends who were and are always there no matter what! Don’t push your self too hard to fulfill the bucket list you made or something you promised that you know you were about to break.

Just stay focused. Be responsible for your own happiness. Just set things right and don’t expect too much from other people. Decide, divide your time, love your family and most of all praise God!


Apps Apps For Me

Cool Apps! March 2015


1.PVZ 2 updated
2.Security 360 Anti-Virus (a must have)
3.Pewdiepie App (For entertainment)
4.Jenga (All time fave and it’s free!).

“How I Missed Those Petty Things”


   How much do you missed the minor reasons you fought with your partner?
How I missed the days when all we did was to fight over when one of us has skipped our meal or failed to say “I love you” That someone nags you about petty things? That he wants to walk you home and talk about anything under the sun. People do change and things happen for a reason,they say.
    For some reasons I reminisce whenever I’m lost and listen to a special song that reminds of him that time. When that was the time I don’t have to think about betrayal,financial obligations,responsibilities and liabilities. You fought for small things like who wants a burger or pizza or which movie to watch. How do we go back to these times in our freakin mature lives now. I’m struggling and battling so hard. You can completely hate one person or two in your lifetime but on how to go back being an immature teenager? But we must admit, it was the most foolish and funny part of your life. You don’t know hipocracy nor you don’t listen to other’s opinion.so immature right? Yet it was freedom for you and petty things “is love”