1. Min-Liang Tan’s Razer
2. Live stream gaming “Twitch”
3.Vanoss Gaming’s funny videos
4. Markiplier’s page (awesome guy)
5. “Kotaku” everything you want to know about gaming stuffs


Apps Apps For Me

Cool Apps! March 2015


1.PVZ 2 updated
2.Security 360 Anti-Virus (a must have)
3.Pewdiepie App (For entertainment)
4.Jenga (All time fave and it’s free!).

“Apps Apps for Me”

I’m using Google Play Store so here’s what I think the Apps that suits me and my personality.

FYI, I’m not using a Facebook App, I’m using my browser. It can save space.
So I’m using all of these. Not an advertisement. (Okay?)
And be free to suggest too. These are my top 10.

1. Instagram
2. Twitch (watching other people play is so awesome)
3. Snaptee (Personlized T-shirt maker)
4. CANDY CRUSH (I cannot live without it)
5. You Tube (of course)
6. WordPress (This is my freedom to spill my feelings)
7. Crossy Road (very clever game)
8. Anime Radio
9. Twitter (yeah right!)
10. Sim City ( I’m a fan)