Pluviophile VS Social Media

I always ask my self how can I find happiness. Is it within me? My family? But something’s missing. It is a habit of mine to check my Instagram first before Facebook. People on IG look so happy than in Facebook because you only focus to a one picture that has been snapped hundred times,the only one that has been chosen mindfully with a very short positive caption. People are more calm,happy,oriented on IG but they are also the same people who have Facebooks. I don’t know. Maybe I’m sad. Travel pics,jobs,shopping,dining out,family time,positive quotations,goals,relationships,hobbies,pets,new furnitures or gadgets. They are all material and not material things that can make a human being happy and delighted. Am I one of them? I just want to look at the window, obsess when is the rain coming, gloomy weather makes me feel sleepy and lazy but somehow relaxed and sometimes my vision is black and white,like an IG filter. What’s going on with me?  I’m not optimistic about the future at all. Gotta change my name on my Twitter,FB,IG and WordPress. 


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