You are Mommy’s Jewel


I don’t need expensive necklace around my neck. Or a stunning pair of shoes. All I want is to raise the only jewel I have and that is my daughter.

These are the things that me and my baby like to do to have a mommy and little lady time;

1. We smile and laugh a lot. Babies liked to play with their reflection, practice mirroring.
2. I sing to her most of the time. It’s either Hi5 songs or a Winnie the Pooh theme songs. She really liked those shows.
3. We dress up sometimes and brushing her hair.
4. Although she still can’t read nor understand, I read her books. She is attentively listening though.
5. We sometimes listen to contemporary/ pop music to classical. And she loves music so much. I even caught her dancing while watching music videos.




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