My Marriage Is Like A Good Wine


A barrel clock from

The longer I wait the more interesting my life could be. Been betrayed,cheated on or deceived but I have never imagined these such entertainment in my life (I meant that sarcastically) But our spouse must realize the consequence for their actions. I’m proud how I progressed from being depressed to being content and wise.
I realized married men are always bored with their routinary basis life and so as being a mom and a wife (housewife)
I can’t let karma do the entertainment for me,or take it’s toll for them,when you truly love someone you don’t wish them that, instead you work it out with him and be patient and a little space between you and your spouse. So my marriage is like a good wine the longer we stayed inside the barrel the more other people cannot afford to set us apart. Because what we’ve been through for 15 long years will never come to waste. Just like an expensive wine not everyone can afford and you can have a sip or you can taste it. But you can’t buy that entire bottle for yourself so you just can gulp it up. We will not waste time nor money for delusional and selfish people who believed from false hopes and believed phony promises. We should value our marriage,the family and friends that truly cares for us. Because as the old saying from Japan (my husband and I loved this) “Time waits for no one” but a good wine must be kept valuable though. Wedding vows,joy,laughter,hardships,long struggles,husband and wife friendship and love worth keeping!


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