“How I Missed Those Petty Things”


   How much do you missed the minor reasons you fought with your partner?
How I missed the days when all we did was to fight over when one of us has skipped our meal or failed to say “I love you” That someone nags you about petty things? That he wants to walk you home and talk about anything under the sun. People do change and things happen for a reason,they say.
    For some reasons I reminisce whenever I’m lost and listen to a special song that reminds of him that time. When that was the time I don’t have to think about betrayal,financial obligations,responsibilities and liabilities. You fought for small things like who wants a burger or pizza or which movie to watch. How do we go back to these times in our freakin mature lives now. I’m struggling and battling so hard. You can completely hate one person or two in your lifetime but on how to go back being an immature teenager? But we must admit, it was the most foolish and funny part of your life. You don’t know hipocracy nor you don’t listen to other’s opinion.so immature right? Yet it was freedom for you and petty things “is love”


One Reply to ““How I Missed Those Petty Things””

  1. It reminds me of my days too. me and my friend used to fight for a seat we cover in our bench… haha and our friendship started by misunderstanding each other, we used to fight, pinch each other and so on haha.. I miss those days very much. The only thing I have is the memory I have of them

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