” 5 Weird Frugality Tips”


For over 10 years of being married with three kids, we learned that sometimes there is nothing wrong with skimping from food to toiletries or even our fare to public transportations. Every single day people struggle and that is not an option or your choice in life, rich or poor we all want is to survive in our everyday lives,wether it’s for our needs or wants we all want to get what we want.
   I’m writing my very first blog on what I learnt from being frugal at times of crisis.

       Here you can read my weird frugal tips on how to survive till your husband’s payday arrives and I also want you to share your own ideas too;

  1.  Shampoo
We can lessen hair fall problems. We can skip a day or two in a week. I heard that in some countries they only wash their hair once a week. Be sure you’re not going to stay under the sun cause it could be very smelly. Lol

  2. Rice

      A half cup of rice maybe twice or thrice a week may not be that bad but I can assure you, you can say that your on a diet already. No fake promises to yourself again.

   3. Sleep/Nap

       You can afford to rest your eyes once in a day even for a 30 minute powernap. Sleep at least 6 hours too at night. You can never be hungry taking that beauty rest and dreaming about your dream girl or guy.

   4. Laundry

        Why not wash your laundry in a scheduled basis. Plan what you’re going to wear for a week at work or at home. Visit your closet too for vintage clothes your referring to and try not to fit in sometimes.

     5. Snacks

         Snacks can either make you fat or make you full, in between meals are a big temptation. For example a friend wants to have a chat with you in a coffee shop for a frappe and a slice of cake, why not order a cheaper cappuccino or a café latte and skip a slice of cake or a pastry. Even it’s a treat from him/her. Practice that etiquette so that when you are alone you can have a guilt-free day that you were being modest too and you really want that quality time you spent with that friend.



2 Replies to “” 5 Weird Frugality Tips””

  1. I like this post
    I wash my hair every other day or so. Shower every other day or so. (Keeps natural oils in). Eat too much rice.
    Thrive on leftovers. Used to tell my patients that napping was normal and not a pathological harbinger of doom.
    My wife runs the washing machine 12 hours a day. Drives me nuts.
    I could probably throw out 90% of my clothes et al.


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